Florence + The Machine Release Career-Spanning Compilation 'Under Heaven Over Hell'

Florence + The Machine have released a 39-track compilation, Under Heaven Over Hell, which takes listeners through the group’s greatest hits and moments from 2008 till last year’s album.

The band’s lead singer and songwriter Florence Welch curated the compilation. It features the group’s five studio albums, Lungs, Ceremonials, How Big, How Beautiful, High As Hope, and Dance Fever.

“Options for listening are / running through a field / in a haunted house / drinking fake blood and crying glitter / Drunk in a clown suit / Calling like a crow for a boy / for a body in the garden,” Welch wrote on Instagram.

Under Heaven Over Hell Tracklist:

1. “Heaven Is Here”
2. “Dog Days Are Over”
3. “Choreomania”
4. “D-lilah”
5. “Hunger”
6. “Shake It Out”
7. “King”
8. “Cosmic Love”
9. “Spectrum”
10. “Falling”
11. “My Love”
12. “All This And Heaven Too”
13. “Drumming Song”
14. “Ship To Wreck”
15. “Free”
16. “Third Eye”
17. “Between Two Lungs”
18. “Big God”
19. “Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)”
20. “What The Water Gave Me”
21. “Which Witch”
22. “Dream Girl Evil”
23. “My Boy Builds Coffins”
24. “Girls Against God”
25. “Seven Devils”
26. “Blinding”
27. “The Bomb”
28. “What Kind Of Man”
29. “Never Let Me Go”
30. “Mermaids”
31. “Only If For A Night”
32. “June”
33. “No Light, No Light”
34. “Mother”
35. “The End Of Love”
36. “Cassandra”
37. “Heartlines”
38. “I’m Not Calling You A Liar”
39. “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful”

(Photo: Lillie Eiger)

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