Future Refused to Have a Child With Eighth Baby Mama Because She’s ‘Mexican’ – Get the Details

It’s also reported that the ‘Fine China’ rapper and Cindy Renae have been messing since 2015, with the former giving her the OVOFBG ring that he also gave to Drake.

AceShowbiz -Earlier this week, it’s been reported that Future actually has a child with another baby mama whose name is Cindy Renae. This time, The Shade Room has obtained more details about their relationship, such as an allegation that the Atlanta rapper initially refused to have a child with Cindy due to her racial background.

The gossip blog reported that Future and Cindy had been messing since 2015, with the “Fine China” rapper giving her the OVOFBG ring that he also gave to Drake when they released a mixtape together. However, when it came to having children together, it’s said that Future didn’t want to have one not because he already has a lot of children, but because he refused to have “a child by a Mexican.”

Despite that, they ended up having a child together whom they named Legend Ary Wilburn. As for how the parents came up with that name, The Shade Room obtained several screenshots of them discussing the name of the child, with Future pointing out that his kids “never have regular names.” Cindy then suggested that they should name the child Khalik, but Future immediately rejected idea because it sounded “like a terrorist and it’s [just] wack.”

Rumors of Future having another child were first started by Eliza Reign, who sued the rapper over the paternity of her four-month-old daughter. Taking to Instagram Stories, she wrote, “So since My baby deserves the mistreatment cuz I’m an ‘clout chasing IG model’ ask him why he did the same exact thing to Cindy? His newest baby mother who doesn’t dance, model or use IG like that.”

Following that a photo and a video of his child with Cindy surfaced online. In the photo, the little bundle of joy was seen sleeping in a basket that was covered with the United States’ flag, while the video featured him looking adorable in a red T-shirt and a blue-and-white suspender.

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