Gabrielle Union Comes to Ayesha Curry’s Defense Against Critics of Male Attention Comment

Stopping by BuzzFeed News’ morning show ‘AM to DM’, the ‘Breaking In’ actress insists that people should be free to talk about their own experiences even if there will be backlash.

AceShowbiz -One more individual has defended Ayesha Curry after she got candid about her insecurities over the lack of male attention on her. Stopping by BuzzFeed News’ morning show “AM to DM” on Wednesday, May 15, Gabrielle Union insisted that people should be free to talk about their own experiences even if there are others who speak up against it.

“She was honest and she told her truth, and no matter what your truth is, there are going to be people who do not like it,” the actress said during the morning show, revealing that Ayesha’s remarks became a hot topic among people in her group chat. “There was not one mother who did not understand what she was talking about,” she added.

Gabrielle went on saying that Ayesha’s critics didn’t “care to understand her perspective,” defending the latter’s decision to get candid about it in public. “If she doesn’t share her truth publicly there’s a lot of other people that are out there feeling like they’re alone on an island when really that island is over-crowded,” she pointed out.

“When we actually get into, when we share our truth, what the consequences can be … let’s all give it a beat just for one second say, ‘What perspective are they coming from?’ ” the “Breaking In” star added. “It may not be my life it may not be how I might articulate it, but it’s okay to share. Real intersectional feminism is embracing all of our intersections that make us who we are as women and that’s okay. You don’t have to agree with it without trashing somebody.”

Besides Gabrielle, Ayesha’s husband Stephen Curry has also defended her against her critics. The cookbook author herself has also clapped back against them several times. Most recently, she gave an epic response to a troll who told her to “stay in the kitchen.” In response, Ayesha asked, “which one? SF, Houston, Miami or San Diego?”

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