Gary Lineker targeted by TV licence officials who think he hasn’t paid

Match of the Day host Gary Lineker says officials keep turning up claiming he’s dodging the £154.50 TV licence.

The BBC’s highest-paid employee, on £1.75million a year, says it’s all because he had four flats converted into one house and the licence enforcers can’t get the record straight.

The 58-year-old, who has presented the BBC's flagship footy show since 1999, is also famed for abiding by the rules. He was never booked in his entire 16-year professional playing career, which also saw him net 48 goals for England.

But last week, the former Spurs and Leicester striker revealed TV licence enforcement teams have turned up at his home in Barnes, south west London, FOUR TIMES.

Lineker said he also gets threatening letters from TV Licensing every month saying that if he doesn't stump up the cash the enforcers will be sent round again.

He said: "This is ridiculous… I work for the BBC obviously… a lot.

"I moved to this house a few years ago and it was originally four apartments.

"I turned it into a house and I get – every month – a letter from the license fee saying 'You've not paid'.

"But I have paid, I have got a licence, but they've still got it in their books as four apartments.

"So I get a letter for each apartment saying 'You've not paid your licence, we're going to come round and bang on your door'.

"Every time I get these letters…I've called them loads of times (saying) 'No, these are the circumstances, it's all changed, just check, it's fine, it's me (Gary Lineker).

"You think I'm not going to pay my licence feee – Imagine that for a story?

"At least four times I've had them knocking on the front door and each time I say 'It's a house, it's one place…here's my licence'.

"So every time I ring up they say 'Yeh, we've sorted it' – it's been four years now."

He revealed the problem on his podcast with Danny Baker, Lineker & Baker Behind Closed Doors . Co-host Baker commented: "They'd love to have your scalp on their wall wouldn't they?"

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