Gaz Beadles wife Emma says never be ashamed as she shows off heart surgery scars

Emma Beadle, the wife of former Geordie Shore star Gaz Beadle, has taken to Instagram to show off the scars from her recent heart surgery.

Emma had surgery in late January to fix three holes in her heart as well as to fix a valve, but shortly after the operation she suffered from a collapsed lung.

Now she is encouraging her 906k followers to not be ashamed of their own scars. Sharing some snaps of herself, Emma posed in black jumpsuit which she had zipped down to show the scars.

She penned the caption: "Never be ashamed of a scars, your scars tell a story. They’re a reminder of when life tried to break you but failed."

The comments quickly filled with fans sharing their own scar stories, with one writing: "I have 2 scars , I got surgery on both of my feet and they are pretty big and I’ve always thought of it like battles that life throws at you and leaves you the scars as a reminder that you won."

Another added: "You are truly amazing and such an inspiration to me! I am fully aware that I will need heart surgery in the future. I’ve already had complex vascular surgery 5 years ago!"

"You inspire me to have the strength to not be scared of whatever surgery I face in the future! Thankyou! Continue to wear your scar with pride! You look gorgeous! X"

And a third said: "My daughter has the same scar, never hide it. It does fade in time but never completely goes. Makes you stronger x."

Earlier this year Emma had surgery to fix a valve and three holes in heart. She was then rushed back into hospital after her surgery led to a collapsed lung, making it the hardest thing [the] family will ever go through, according to Gaz

At the time Gaz took to Instagram to update his fans, telling them: "Think it’s very important on here to always show the hard times not just the good stuff… this is the hardest thing our family will ever go through.

"Kids have been so brave but also cried and been emotional wrecks at bed times and mornings and just missing mummy like crazy…

"Emma even with today the news 1 of her lungs has collapsed and is now on oxygen to help bring it back over the weekend, hasn’t stopped her 1 bit," the proud husband continued, as he praised his wife.

"Today when i went in for the hour we get as it clashes with school pick up she was up and walking to the toilet herself, which is just amazing and she is just smashing it and we are so proud!

"Always messaging in between sleeping checking on the kids checking they have gone to sleep ok checking how there day has been honestly love you so much what a mummy and wife u are."

Gaz went on to say that as a family they survived the first week and the kids are as "happy as they can" with a visit to the hospital planned for this weekend.

"We are super excited about our big trip to the hospital…" Gaz finished. "I am off to bed 8:45 on a Friday. Big weekend ahead and hopefully mid next week we get Emma home."


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