Gemma Collins strips to floral swimsuit and says shes having the best summer ever

Gemma Collins has updated her fans about her incredible summer via an Instagram post, sharing a snapshot from her ongoing holiday.

The 42 year old former star of The Only Way Is Essex radiated happiness as she emerged from the sea after a refreshing swim. Basking in the warm sunshine at an undisclosed paradise, Gemma exuded confidence and style, sporting a vibrant floral swimsuit paired with chic dark sunglasses.

The comments poured in from Gemma's devoted fans, with one commenting: "Hope you're having the most fabulous holiday Gemma. You look absolutely stunning as always, queen."

Another penned: “Hun you look fab!”

A third added: “That smile. Always Happy and Radiating Love Life and Laughter. Little Miss Sunshine. Gorgeous GC.”

The reality star recently vowed that she will no longer "waste her life striving to be thin" and that she is finally happy with her body. Adopting a new refreshing body positive mindset, Gemma revealed in a recent interview with MailOnline that she now focuses on exercising and eating straight out of her sprawling garden to ensure her food is completely organic.

Gemma told the publication: "I eat out of my garden, I don't have pesticides, I eat really healthy, but sometimes we are just as we are. My body is as it is, I'm not meant to be super skinny, I'm not meant to be super slim and I'm not going to spend my whole life trying to be something that I'm not."

She added: "This is me, this is who I am, this is my body shape, this is my body type – sometimes people have got to accept, people do have bigger bodies and people are bigger. I will not waste my life constantly striving to be thin."

Gemma, who shot to fame in 2011 until 2017 while on TOWIE, has been incredibly open in the past with her battle with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), which has previously led to her "struggling" to manage her weight.

But speaking about her new-found lifestyle, she added: "I exercise every morning anyway […] and as long as I'm doing that, that's it. I don't live my life to suit or please other people, I just please me."

Gemma has also recently opened up about a setback in her long fertility battle. Taking to social media to give her followers an update on her conception journey, she revealed she “can’t get pregnant” after previously admitting she’s desperate to have a baby.

Alongside a beautiful bikini snap, the star wrote: “With an underactive thyroid and PCOS, every day is a constant struggle but do you know what, F IT.” She added the hashtag “can’t get pregnant due to PCOS”.

Following her admission online, the star opened up about her struggles in an interview. Adding: “It’s very frustrating, it’s very upsetting, it’s very challenging. I just don’t and can’t have kids. It’s very stressful, but I need to find somewhere, a good place or clinic in London, that can make it happen for me.

“Come on, the world is waiting for The GC’s baby. I just need a bit of help to make it happen.”

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