Great British Bake Offs Laura Adlington admits shame as doctor warns she must lose 14st

GBBO: Laura Adlington swears after bake goes wrong

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Laura Adlington, 32, burst on to our screens in lockdown as she took part in 2020’s series of Great British Bake Off. The Channel 4 star has admitted in a recent podcast that she felt “enormous shame” when the doctors told her she needed to lose 14 stone in weight in order to have IVF.

You don’t matter!

Laura Adlington

Laura has regularly spoken about the stigma in the plus-size community and has even spoken about her own experience recently.

The baker revealed that doctors had strongly advised her to lose 14 stone so she would be able to start her IVF journey.

She said: “The cut off point for IVF is BMI over 30, so she [the doctor] was like you’re probably looking at about 14 stone that needs to come off. And I just sat there like, okay…”

Laura then explained how she was unable to lose the weight and therefore, it was impossible for her to start fertility treatment.

She continued: “We couldn’t do it, because I just couldn’t [lose] the weight…and I still feel an enormous amount of shame about that…I know I’ll live to regret it.

“I can totally understand why people would just lose weight then. I get it.

“I would look at someone else [who hasn’t managed to lose weight] and think ‘well you don’t want it that much’.

“‘You use food for comfort, and you’re sad because you can’t have a baby. What are you going to do, just live a doubly miserable existence?'”, she said on the Go Love Yourself podcast.

She explained how “ridiculous” she finds the concept as all she wants to do is provide a “loving home”.

Laura then blasted the “fatphobia” surrounding the concept, as weight isn’t the only issue with health.

She added that she was denied drugs to promote fertility because of her weight.

Laura exclaimed: “We [plus-size women] are not even allowed drugs, like clomid, a drug which is supposed to help you ovulate more regularly – I wasn’t even allowed that.

“Nothing. It’s like you don’t exist, you don’t matter.”

Laura has been very open about her weight, revealing that she had considered a gastric sleeve ahead of her GBBO debut.

She even started the podcast as a response to the shocking body shaming she received after her TV debut.

The GBBO star was diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder at the age of 24 and has been on anti-anxiety medication for the last five years.

Due to this she was initially unsure whether she should apply for the Channel 4 baking show as she didn’t know if she could handle the criticism and attention.

She even pre-visioned that she would receive social media criticism as she was a “bigger girl”.

Laura, however, would net let this get in her way, as she said: “I decided I’d had enough self-loathing — I don’t need to deal with other people’s opinions of my size.”

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