Greys Anatomy stars on how it might end: theres an endless amount of stories

It feels like people have been speculating on how Grey’s Anatomy might end for like, seven years — since McDreamy died. Fans have lots of theories about the eventual series finale, but the stars of the show have never really gotten in on the speculation action.

Grey’s just had its 400th episode and some of the stars — Chandra Wilson, Camilla Luddington, and Kevin McKidd — spoke to People at the party to mark the occasion. The magazine asked them about how the show might end and they’re basically all like “idk, it’s been on forever, who can say?”

Grey’s Anatomy just celebrated its 400th episode, but the stars of the ABC medical drama aren’t exactly itching to hang up their scrubs just yet.

On Thursday, some fan-favorite cast members gave their thoughts on the show eventually coming to an end — and what it will look like when the time comes.

“We have thought of so many endings and they were like, ‘Nope, that’s not it,’” Chandra Wilson, who has played Dr. Miranda Bailey for the past 18 seasons, told PEOPLE at Grey’s Anatomy 400th Episode Celebration in Hollywood.

“That’s not going to end. And all of the scenarios … We played them as if it’s going to end,” she continued. “So I’m not thinking of it anymore. Not going to do it!”

“It’s hard to imagine it closing now,” said Camilla Luddington, who has played Jo Wilson since season 9.

“I don’t know how this show ends at this point,” added Kevin McKidd, who has portrayed Dr. Owen Hunt since season 5. “We all thought this season was going to be the end. I felt we were all building towards it, this season. But the audience just seems to want more still.”

“The thing is with a medical show, because most TV shows struggle because their narrative or the construct of how they’re telling stories, it starts to become convoluted to keep it going,” he explained. “With medical shows, there’s an endless amount of stories because there’s new people coming into hospitals every single day. So that’s why it’s hard to really see what the end can be. All I can tell you is it’s bigger than all of us at this point.”

In January, ABC announced the network had ordered a 19th season of Grey’s, which has become the longest-running primetime medical drama series.

In the upcoming season, the Shondaland series will explore the ever-expanding world of modern medicine through the eyes of beloved returning and new characters, according to a press release obtained by PEOPLE.

Executive producer and showrunner Krista Vernoff will continue to lead the series.

Over the years, cast members have come and gone — Ellen Pompeo, Wilson and James Pickens Jr. are the only actors who have remained on for all 18 seasons — but the show’s fanbase has remained strong.

The 18th season marked the return of some familiar faces, including Kate Walsh as Addison Montgomery and Abigail Spencer as Megan Hunt. The season finale will air on May 26 and see the return of Jesse Williams and Sarah Drew as fan-favorite couple Jackson Avery and April Kepner.

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So there were multiple points where each actor thought the show would end, but it just kept going so now they’re not speculating anymore. Honestly, same. Well actually, that’s not true, I do have my theory that they’re hoping to go out on an even 20 seasons. What Kevin McKidd says about the endless supply of stories due to the constant influx of new patients is, on its face true. And yet, the show has begun to seem repetitive at this point. It is very clearly recycling storylines. For example, the resident’s patient death depression arc this season was a pretty obvious ripoff of Derek’s similar spiral in season 5. And it’s certainly in Kevin McKidd’s interest for the show to keep going.  He directs episodes pretty regularly, he had some pretty hefty spousal and child support payments from his first marriage, and he and his young second wife have two more children. It’s also crazy that Camillia Luddington’s character was introduced in season 9 to be the perfect girl for Alex (I could go on about her poorly drawn character all day), yet nine seasons later has been on the show for half its run. Even Alex/Justin Chambers is gone at this point! No shade for Chandra Wilson; I love Bailey.

I do think the show needs to end pretty soon. It’s just limping along at this point and it’s hard to care about many of the remaining characters. Most of the characters that are on the show now either have always been annoying or were introduced too recently or are too poorly drawn. From the most recent episode, it does seem like it’s setting up a final arc for Meredith for season 19 (and perhaps 20, if my theory is right). Having JApril return for this season’s finale may be part of that too.

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