Gwen Stefani Reveals How She Got Involved With Blake Shelton In Hilarious Super Bowl Ad

Real life couple Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton feature in a funny Super Bowl LV ad for T-Mobile.

The commercial shows how crappy cell service could lead to the pairing of two of the most unlikely people.

In the new add, Stefani appears on a video call with fellow “The Voice” judge Adam Levine. She tells him that she’s ready to date again.

“I’m sick of L.A. guys; I want someone completely different,” she says. “Maybe someone from another country, and someone cultured, sensitive, and who is not threatened by a strong, confident woman.”

However, Levine, who has a bad cellular network, hears Stefani say, “I’m sick of L.A. guys, I want someone completely … country. Uncultured … and threatened by a strong confident woman.”

Shelton quickly walks into frame, with two bowls of wings and nachos; “I have your guy,” Levine says after seeing him.

Later, Shelton meets a confused Stefani at a restaurant for a dinner date.

“Oh, my God, hilarious right? I mean, no,” Stefani says as she points to Shelton’s spurs and asks. “Did you ride a horse here?” “Yeah,” he responds.

The commercial ends with a message from T-Mobile saying: “Don’t trust your love life to any network.”

Stefani had announced her relationship with Shelton in November 2015. The couple announced their engagement via Instagram on October 27, 2020.

(Photo: Pete Souza)

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