Haley Lu Richardson Reveals She Did This While Filming a White Lotus Scene With Jennifer Coolidge

Haley Lu Richardson opened up about working on The White Lotus while appearing on The Jennifer Hudson Show earlier this week!

The 27-year-old actress plays Portia in season two, the assistant to Jennifer Coolidge‘s Tanya, and she opened up about working with the Emmy-winning actress.

Jennifer Hudson asked if it was hard not to laugh while filming with Coolidge, and Haley shared quite the story.

Find out what happened inside…

“She’s the most unique person I’ve ever met. Kind of everything you would want her to be, she is,” Haley said about Jennifer. “It’s very hard [not to laugh during scenes].”

“This is bad because it shows that I’m not really doing the best job as an actor in this case, but like over the shoulder, they do all these different shots when you’re filming something, and there’s so many times where it’s like over my shoulder on Jennifer,” she continued. “And my character is so reactionary to her, and she’s going off on all these tangents, she’s doing all this stuff. She’s so chaotic in this genius way, and I’m just trying everything I can to not laugh or not ruin the shot by moving my shoulders.”

“It’s really hard when you’re trying not to laugh, you’re trying to be serious, you’re trying to stay in character, you’re like squeezing, you’re like still so you’re not ruining this amazing thing she’s doing,” Haley went on. “It was also really cold. We were filming, randomly it was really cold, but it was supposed to look like summer. So I was doing all this and I peed myself a couple times.”

“I had to go to the bathroom after it, yeah. I shouldn’t be saying this, but here I am,” she said.

Be sure to catch Haley on the season two finale of The White Lotus on Sunday (December 11) on HBO and HBO Max.

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