Halle Berry Crowns Cardi B Queen of Hip Hop, Winnie Harlow Says No

Halle Berry gave Cardi B a crown many feel belongs to Nicki Minaj — and while Winnie Harlow vouched for the latter on live TV … CB seems to want no part of the debate.

This is all started Saturday, when Halle and co. were hosting a premiere for her new flick, ‘Bruised’ — a movie she directed and stars in … and one that features a soundtrack full of female rappers, which was curated by both Ms. Berry and Cardi.

In fact, Halle shouted Cardi out by name … but in doing so, also called her the “Queen of Hip Hop” — something Nicki Minaj’s fans didn’t take very kindly to.

The “Barbz,” as they’re known, were swarming with fury about the title … which has often been given to Nicki because of her many years in the game, and her undeniable influence in hip hop at large. Of course, many feel Cardi has emerged as a more influential figure in a shorter timespan … and, apparently, Halle believes the same.

Fast-forward to Sunday, where during MTV’s 2021 Europe Music Awards … Winnie seemed to get into the fracas herself with what may be a little jab of her own while announcing the winner of the Best Hip-Hop winner. That winner, of course, was Nicki Minaj.

Winnie prefaced saying Nicki’s name with … “the one and only Queen of Hip Hop,” which can interpreted as being in response to Halle’s own remark. Who knows … maybe it’s nothing.

Enter Cardi herself … who had some thoughts on the matter, and which may be the final say, for now. She writes, “I know how some of you girls like to tussle over this typa childish s***… but ntm on Halle Berry. Anyway her movie #BRUISED dropping THAT SHE DIRECTED HERSELF on Netflix on November 24th. The FIRST female rap movie soundtrack!! we produced together out this FRIDAY!”

Of course … Cardi and Nicki have epic beef, or at least they did once upon a time. The question now is … did Halle and Winnie unintentionally spark the bad blood again???

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