Harry Styles "Falling" Music Video Is Flooded With Emotion

When he’s not busy busting out moves onstage with Lizzo, Harry Styles stays busy making music of his own. The former 1D member has blessed fans with a lot of music videos through the years, and there’s officially another one to add to the collection, y’all. "Falling," off his latest album, Fine Line, received the video treatment, and it’s pure art. Harry Styles’ "Falling" music video is a must-watch for Stylers everywhere.

Let me just start by saying that the video is a whole mood. He might be a pop star, but Style’s "Falling" video is not your run-of-the-mill pop music video. Nope, this was drama at its finest.

Styles first teased the visual for "Falling" on Feb. 24, and fans caught a first glimpse of what to expect. The nine-second clip featured Harry sitting on the floor as rain poured down around him, and it was a hint that the visual would be dramatic AF.

Now that the video is finally here, it’s safe to say Styles did indeed bless us with one of his most cinematic moments yet. "Falling" may very be different from "Lights Up," "Watermelon Sugar," and "Adore You," but both the song and video are an instant standout on the album IMO.

Catch Styles’ new video for "Falling" below.

Styles’ theatrical performance and raw emotion blended perfectly with the powerful lyrics in the song. The intro of the song set the mood for the entire music video. Styles sings: "I’m in my bed / And you’re not here / And there’s no one to blame but the drink and my wandering hands / Forget what I said / It’s not what I meant / And I can’t take it backI can’t unpack the baggage you left."

From there, the drama unfolds as Styles finds himself going from a lonesome corner to his piano where he showcases his musical talents. The entire four minute film for the song will leave you feeling pain for Styles as he navigates heartbreak and tries to pull himself up and rise above his feelings.

Styles just proved he’s a musical genius, and fans are already looking forward to what’s next.

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