Here’s What It’s Like To Live Under Britney Spears’ Conservatorship

Britney Spears has been all over the news the past several weeks with reports from all directions on her mental health, her father Jamie Spears, and the status of her highly controversial conservatorship — but behind the scenes, not much has changed for the pop star.

In fact, according to a new report out this morning in TMZ, the conservatorship itself is working more or less exactly how it’s supposed to — even now, at the height of the #FreeBritney movement — and things have been business as usual for the Spears family in that regard.

The conservatorship continues to work 24/7 at the behest of her father, and despite the courtroom challenges and some of the public opinion controversies surrounding it, things haven’t changed much at all for Britney now that she’s back home from the mental health facility.


Close Contact With Dad

Spears and her father Jamie reportedly talk at least three times a day, every day, as Britney often requests her father’s input on various things in her life, or decisions she’s making. Furthermore, the conversations are apparently often at Britney’s behest — suggesting Jamie isn’t as overarching as he’s sometimes been made out to be in the media at times.

According to TMZ, reports that Brit and her mother Lynne Spears have squeezed Jamie out of his daughter’s life are actually not true, either, and the pop star has been relying on her father even more than usual recently. Interesting…

A Day In The Life…

The conservatorship itself runs much the same as how it’s been for the last 11 years. Reportedly, Britney fills her day with things like massages, acupuncture, facials, hair appointments, and other self-care and low-stress things, as well as taking care of her two sons as allowed by her custody agreement with ex Kevin Federline.

She’s pretty much free to come and go as she pleases all day long, but there are certain restrictions on her movements. Security guards trail her 24/7, though they won’t get involved in what she’s doing unless she’s up to something that they deem raises “a red flag.”

For example, according to reports, liquor stores are completely off limits to Brit; as you might recall, the singer had some issues with alcohol back in 2008 when she had her highly publicized struggles. There are other restrictions in place, too — most notably, Jamie is preventing Brit from getting an iPhone. The pop star reportedly really wants one, but Jamie has major concerns over social media use and people with “ulterior motives” being able to contact her through social networking apps.

The pop star apparently directly took up that issue with the judge during her conservatorship hearing a week ago, but the judge sided with Jamie — and so, she’s still prevented from having an iPhone.

Child Custody

Britney and Kevin Federline continue to have 50/50 joint custody of their two sons. The actual time spent at each house can change some week-to-week for the boys depending on each parent’s schedule, but the formal arrangement hasn’t changed, and it appears to be working out fairly well for all involved.

As you’ll recall from the recent Mother’s Day holiday, Brit takes a lot of joy from having her children around her — and even despite the conservatorship’s sometimes controlling rules and ways, her sons are certainly a bright spot in her life.

Living Alone

Even with so much legal mumbo-jumbo hanging over her head with this conservatorship, Britney is pretty much living alone now. She’s got BF Sam Asghari in her life, of course — and, well, those security guards that track her 24/7 are around, we suppose — but she’s not being actively overseen by a family member or friend on a consistent basis, and she’s free to do what she wants.

According to TMZ, her mother Lynne left the house this past Thursday and will fly back to Louisiana at some point this weekend.

One source noted (below):

“Britney does what she wants. The conservatorship protects her, but with a few exceptions it doesn’t restrict her in her day-to-day life.”

Well that’s good, at least.

Still, the entire conservatorship sure is pretty involved… and to do it for more than 11 years now, no less. Intense!!!

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