'I love Saoirse Ronan, she's incredible' – model Poppy Delevingne on visiting Ireland and breaking into the acting scene

Model and actress Poppy Delevingne has revealed that she would love to work with Irish star Saoirse Ronan.

Poppy is no stranger to the London social scene alongside her fellow model sister, Cara Delevingne, but has swapped runways for red carpets in recent years – making waves in the acting world in American drama Genius last year.

The 33-year-old is the latest addition to Sky Atlantic’s Riviera cast, starring as the wealthy Daphne Eltham in the upcoming season two.

Speaking with Independent.ie at the Rosewood Hotel in London, Delevingne said that Saoirse Ronan is top of her list of Irish actors that she’d love to star alongside.

“I love her, she’s incredible. I loved her in Ladybird. I feel like she’s a little bit of a chameleon and she’s so young but can play so many roles. And I like the sound of her voice,” she said.

The Londoner already has ties to Ireland – with her godfather hailing from Co Tipperary – but said she would love to return to visit the country outside of work trips.

“Last time I was here I went to Dublin, I had a job over there. Sadly it was only for a day, I flew in and flew out, but I’d love to spend more time in Ireland, it’s a really beautiful place,” she said.

“You always want to spend extra days when you have to work, it has to be done. I remember driving down the street and the sun was out, and all the pubs were just full – it was the day after St Patrick’s Day.

“There was music, the sun was shining and I was like ‘why do I have to work’. It was so unfair, I just wanted to get stuck in.”

Delevingne revealed that she became a fan of Riviera, also starring Hollywood actress Julia Stiles, after binge-watching the series on a flight to LA.

“I always wanted to watch it and on the plane, I thought I’d watch one episode. Ten episodes later I was completely hooked and obsessed. It was literally six months after that when the audition came up and I was bent on it that I had to get it, and thank god I got it.

“The characters are such busy-bodies. Especially with my character, she’s very into having this relationship/friendship with Georgina (Julia Stiles), she’s really intrigued by her. Along with my brother, mother and husband who are all just there to ruffle the feathers of the Clios clan, and bring some more intrigue into what is already very dramatic.”

She agreed with executive producer Paul McGuinness, the former U2 manager, that set-life on the French coast was “very relaxing”.

“Everyone was so friendly and seemed to get on so well from the first season. I think with our group coming in we felt like the new kids in school, but everyone couldn’t have been more accommodating and sweet.

“We were brand new coming into season two but past episode 4 or 5 we all had our own ideas. We’d meet with the producers and discuss where our characters are going, is that something they would do, does that seem like a clear motive for them.

“My job before that was Genius (based on) Picasso which was history, so there was no sense of collaboration there because you had to stick with what happened. So it was really interesting for me as a new actor, having these opportunities to have open discussions. I really enjoyed it.”

Series 2 of Riviera starts on May 23 on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV.

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