I panicked! Chris Evans apologises on-air to band for not listening to album

Chris Evans apologises to The Wombats for not listening to album

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Chris Evans took to his radio show, The Chris Evans Breakfast Show, today to address the mishap which he claimed had left him “panicking” when he couldn’t get the record to play.

“I tried to access it yesterday, but I couldn’t because it had all these different things going on with links and firewalls,” the 55-year-old began.

I thought if I pressed the wrong button, the house might explode

Chris Evans

“I don’t know what was going on. I thought if I pressed the wrong button, the house might explode. I just panicked and I said to Jeremy, ‘What can you do?’

“He said, ‘Nothing from Birmingham. You idiot 55-year-old, sort it out.’

“I couldn’t sort it out, I apologise, so I haven’t heard it yet.”

While Chris had yet to listen to the rock band’s new material, his senior producer Meera Depala luckily didn’t have the same issues when she was sent the file to her email.

Judging by her response, the latter seemed pleased with The Wombats’ fifth offering, having described their latest body of work as an album that “just makes you want to go out”.

The feedback from his co-workers prompted Chris to congratulate the band on the project, adding that fans would hear the group’s live songs played a minimum of four times during the remainder of the show

Fix Yourself, Not the World is slated for release on January 7.

The blunder concerning The Wombats’ album comes just weeks after Chris was forced to pull out from hosting his radio show after contracting Covid-19, which had left him feeling “really poorly”.

Sam Pinkham filled in as his replacement while Chris followed Government’s guidelines and self-isolated until his follow-up PCR test came back negative.

His poor health condition left the Warrington native forced to take a break from work to focus on making a speedy recovery.

“Sam [Pinkham] in for Chris,” the radio personality started his first show while standing in for his colleague.

He continued: “Chris has tested positive for Covid. He’s at home and he is struggling a bit.

“But we’re sending you all our love buddy and we hope you’re getting better.”

Following his return to the morning radio show, the father of five interviewed Gillian Anderson, who had been busy promoting her Netflix movie Robin Robin.

But things appeared to have gone south when the actress abruptly ended the interview, leaving Chris startled since he wasn’t given a heads up about their chat concluding before he had finished his line of questions.

The pair spoke for over 10 minutes before Chris threw in another question about the Sex Education star’s upcoming drama, The First Lady, where she plays Eleanor Roosevelt, opposite the likes of Viola Davis, Michelle Pfeiffer and Dakota Fanning.

Asked if fans could expect to see the film in the UK next year, Gillian — who assumed the interview had already wrapped — responded: “Yes, yes next year.”

Chris replied: “Oh she was off then. You sounded like you were off, halfway out the door.”

Clearly in a rush to get to her other commitment for the day, Gillian apologised: “Oh yeah, sorry, I kind of was, but don’t take it personally.”

Chris assured the 53-year-old that he completely understood she had to leave, adding: “No I won’t!”

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