‘I was concerned’ Gok Wan addresses reservations over ITV role amid break from career

This Morning: Holly tells Gok Wan to 'get out the kitchen'

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Gok Wan, 47, has impressed audiences in his warm-hearted show Bling, which sees excited couples seeking that perfect engagement ring, selling a hidden gem such as a delicate pocket watch, or even fixing a much-loved family treasure, and sometimes creating a one-off bespoke item. However, the much-loved TV presenter has shared his doubts over taking on his new role, as he was unsure if he was “the right person for it” owing to his background in fashion.

Speaking on his decision to step out of his comfort zone and front Bling, Gok said: “It’s a lovely show, I loved making it, a really incredible team. Lovely contributors, the most beautiful stories… but I was a little bit concerned when they first offered me the show whether I was the right person for it.”

He continued: “I’m not a jewellery expert. I have used jewellery the whole of my life and my career. I know the importance of it and I know the impact it can have. 

“But I didn’t know that much about jewellery until I took the job and then we did the first day filming and it just made sense. I loved it. 

“The stories behind every piece that came into the shop, and the amazing journey of some of the pieces were just fascinating. It was a lovely show to make,” he added.

Gok is excited to see what the show can bring to those who use the Bling store.

The show focuses on the store which is based in Exeter and is dedicated to the process of jewellery.

It delves into the dazzling world of jewellery and beyond, from buying and selling to making and fixing eye-catching pieces.

The presenter said: “Jewellery can mean so much more than simply being just an accessory. And figurines, timepieces and delicate heirlooms often carry a special significance.”

In a recent episode the newly opened jewellery store, located in Exeter’s Guildhall Shopping and Dining Centre, Gok welcomed Gina and Oscar, a soon-to-be-married duo from Surrey.

“I’m here today to hopefully have a wedding ring made,” Gina revealed. 

“I’ve got my late father’s wedding ring, which is very special to me, but it’s quite old-fashioned, so I was hoping to have something a bit more up-to-date.”

Sitting down with Gok to discuss their relationship and what they had planned to do with their gems, Gina disclosed: “We’ve been together for a number of years now – over 20-odd years – we planned on getting married, but we just put it on hold because life gets in the way.

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“Unfortunately, I’ve been diagnosed with incurable cancer.”

Aside from the emotional stories on the programme, it also highlights the importance of sustainability in today’s predominately fast-fashion world.

This topic is particularly close to Gok’s heart as he works alongside laundry brand Ariel to get people talking about reducing their carbon footprint.

Ariel has launched the #WashColdChallenge to encourage the nation to pledge to turn down their laundry temperature to help reduce CO2 emissions now. 

Gok is making the pledge and wants others to do the same, as if everyone in the UK washed colder, we could save the same amount of CO2 as taking up to half a million cars off the road.

Speaking on his decision to join the campaign, the How To Look Good Naked host shared: “I’ve worked in fashion for two decades now and washing is part of my job. Making sure clothes are clean and beautiful. I had no idea you could make that kind of difference.

“So for me, it was a bit of a no-brainer actually. I know a lot of my followers, who have the same interests as me, would be interested in making the switch to cold washing too.”

Ariel is rallying the nation to pledge to turn their laundry temperature down and join the #WashColdChallenge to reduce the UK’s carbon footprint now. If Ariel hits 1 million pledges, they’ll donate £100,000 to WWF to help protect the planet. Pledge now at www.washcoldchallenge.co.uk and download WWF’s My Footprint App to track your progress and learn about more simple lifestyle changes you can make to live more sustainably

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