Is Keke Palmer back with Darius Jackson? They spent the weekend together

In July Keke Palmer unfollowed her baby’s dad, Darius Jackson, after he shamed her for wearing a skimpy outfit when she was at an Usher concert. It was nonsensical, tired misogynoir. He shamed her for wearing something hot because she was “a mom” as if moms suddenly have to be modest. He was dragged to hell and back and all of his other embarrassing, misogynistic, and problematic tweets from days of old were aired out. I hoped that the unfollowing meant she had dumped his ass because she deserves better. Keke has megawatt charisma and talent and she should be with a man who worships her instead of firing off petty, insecure tweets about her outfits. But she spent her birthday weekend with him and they seem coupled up again. Sigh. They were on an Instagram live–it looked like they were out to lunch–and she thanked him for making her birthday “so special” and he called her his partner in crime. He also teased her about being a Virgo.

Keke Palmer and her baby daddy, Darius Jackson, reunited on Instagram Live to celebrate the actress’ 30th birthday.

On Saturday, the fitness instructor took to Instagram Live with the “Nope” star as they enjoyed some alcoholic beverages to commemorate her special day.

In the clip, Palmer joked with Jackson about why he talks trash about Virgos, which is her astrological sign.

“My mom’s a Virgo, my brother’s a Virgo, my best friend’s a Virgo, my grandma’s a Virgo,” he said before looking at the actress.

“My partner in crime’s a Virgo.”

Palmer then thanked Jackson, 29, for taking her out on her birthday “as always.”

“I just thank you for making it special for my birthday. That’s so sweet,” she gushed.

Their reunion comes nearly two months after Jackson shamed her for wearing a sexy outfit to an Usher concert.

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She also has a tattoo of his birth date on her right leg just below her butt. In her scorching hot birthday Instagram pics you can see it. I don’t know if it’s new or not. But regardless, this man has no business being with this woman. I guess she’s forgiven him but when he tweeted about her outfit and then doubled down about it, he sounded like a controlling, demeaning, shaming guy. I hope she sees him for who he really is soon and gets out of there. I know he’s the father of her child but I just know someone better is out there for her.

Also, the shade towards Virgos? Miss me with that. Keke plays it off hilariously but he can’t even find something sweet to say about her in the video, he has to say “don’t believe the hype” on Virgos, including Keke. I’m an Aries so I know that I annoy all the Virgos around me but I’ve always had a soft spot for them. We need people in the world with immaculately color-coded spreadsheets (couldn’t be me; when I have to keep track of data at my day job, I use tally marks in a notebook labelled, coyly, “observations”). We need people who remember to bring snacks and “circle back” and make dinner reservations six weeks in advance. Virgos are not the problem here, Darius, your attitude is.

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