‘It all gets a bit panicky’ Dick Strawbridge leaves Angel ‘sweating’ with morning habit

Angel Strawbridge discusses her busy mornings

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Angel Strawbridge has revealed that things “get a little bit panicky” during an average morning in Chateau de la Motte Husson thanks to Dick’s need to always be on time.

Angel shared the family’s morning routine to Netmums editors Annie O’Leary and Wendy Golledge on their Sweat, Snot and Tears podcast.

She said: “There is always a bit of sweating because when we get up, we are running around getting the kids ready for school, and then Dick always wants to be five minutes early.

“He stands at the bottom of the stairs and shouts out like a countdown, ‘we are 8.25, 8.26’.

“And all of a sudden it all gets a little bit panicky, a little bit hot.”

Host Wendy remarked that the countdown would stress her out in the morning, whereas Annie was intrigued as to whether Dick’s technique pushes the family to get out the house quicker.

Angel said: “Do you know what, it does. It puts the heebie-jeebies up you and then it doesn’t matter if we are completely on time, because we are never late for school, but we have all got this little walk that you want to do when you are in a hurry.

“We go ‘sorry, sorry, sorry’ and run over to the car and we are always on time.

“So that is our sweaty, stressy bit in the morning, but we have got into a rhythm of it.”

Angel has been married to Dick for six years and the couple share two children together, Arthur, eight, and seven-year-old Dorothy.

Angel is also stepmum to Dick’s older children, James, 37, and Charlotte, 35, who have children of their own.

Later in the podcast, Angel gushed about her step-grandchildren who she says “are all fabulous”.

She added: “I’m often the one that gets all their [presents] sent to them because their kids are a similar age to our kids. One Christmas we had a one, two, three, four and a five-year-old here, it was hectic!”

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She also spoke about her relationship with James and Charlotte saying she “loves them to bits”.

She explained: “When there is somebody new on the scene- and Dick had been separated for many, many years before he met me- it always feels weird when there is someone new introduced into the children’s lives, and it doesn’t matter if they are young or older, as they were.

“I still think it is difficult and it took time. They were really happy for Dick, and then it just took a while for us all to settle in with our different dynamics.”

She says she now sees herself as a good friend to her stepchildren and that she will always be there for them no matter what.

Dick and Angel have lived at their chateau in the Pays de la Loire region of France for six years.

In that time they have been renovating their dream home and invited viewers along with them on the hit Channel 4 series, Escape to the Chateau.

However, she told Annie and Wendy that England will always be home.

She said: “It is really weird because whenever we go back to England we say, ‘We’re going home’.”

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