It wouldnt go well! Rob Rinder discusses replacing Piers Morgan as host on GMB

Rob Rinder blasts Putin as 'evil' over Ukraine attacks

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Good Morning Britain guest host Rob Rinder has spoken out about replacing the show’s former presenter, Piers Morgan, after he left the show last year. Speaking exclusively to, the Judge Rinder star, 43, insisted that he wasn’t trying to fill Piers’ shoes, before drawing comparisons between himself and the host of TalkTV’s new show, Uncensored.

If I went on trying to be Piers, it wouldn’t go well!

Rob Rinder

Speaking about whether he had any concerns about filling Piers’ shoes as a host on GMB, Rob addressed the star’s straightforward nature.

Rob said: “Not really, I mean, lots of people have opinions on Piers, but people who actually know him will tell you,” he said before cutting himself off.

He continued: “The reason he continues to survive in this business that’s full of sharks is because he’s – there’s a lovely Yiddish word – he’s a Mensch.

“He’s the type of friend and person that you absolutely want in your corner.”

The term is defined as “a person of integrity and honour”.

The legal expert went on: “You will really struggle privately to find somebody who’s got anything unkind to say about Piers, who really knows him.

“It says a great deal, actually, you know, he says it and calls it like he says it,” he added.

Speaking about his presenting responsibilities on GMB, Rob told how he had his own hosting style.

He said: “I’m not consciously thinking about trying to be a Piers, I’m trying to sort of consciously determine how we can be our authentic selves with each other in our way.

“If I went on trying to be Piers, it wouldn’t go well!” he exclaimed.

Rob went on: “Or if he came on Judge Rinder trying to be me, you know, we have different approaches, but the same kind of fundamental principles, which is holding power to account.

“And often Piers and I will agree, sometimes we’ll disagree.

“And he might call it out in a different way.

“But, you know, our core of what we share is holding power to account,” he explained.

The star joined GMB in March last year as a guest presenter alongside his close friend, Susanna Reid.

The legal expert was one of several other famous faces including Richard Madeley and Adil Ray who joined the panel in March 2021 following Piers’ exit.

The Judge Rinder star also spoke about his work with Patient Claim Line to investigate what happens when a medical negligence claim is made against the NHS and how it can improve processes for other patients.

Making a medical negligence claim against the NHS means that patients are able to secure the compensation they are entitled to, allowing them to cover costs related to injuries or disabilities they may have suffered as a result of a medical mistake.

Speaking about the process of making a claim, Rob said: “It’s about our shared provider, making sure and ensuring that it delivers best practice.

“And when it falls dangerously short, not just ensuring the NHS is held to account, but that the individual is properly remunerated for their injury to be sure, but also to protect, to serve and to defend the NHS to make sure it keeps its standards up.

“But what I’ve learned is that these actions can improve treatment and ensure the safety of patients in the future. Ultimately, improving services for all of us,” he added.

You can contact Patient Claim Line here.

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