'It's a different universe' – Killian Scott says you can't compare Love/Hate and Dublin Murders

Love/Hate star Killian Scott is swapping his gangster persona for that of a garda in new series Dublin Murders.

Five years after the crime drama series wrapped, he’s playing a troubled detective in the RTE series based on the Dublin Murder Squad series by crime novelist Tana French.

The Dublin actor joked that the jobs offer “different occupational hazards” and added that Dublin Murders is very different to Love/Hate.

“Aside from the appearance of myself, Peter Coonan, and Tom Vaughan-Lawlor it’s just a completely different universe.  I don’t really see a connection,” he said at the RTE autumn launch.

While he concedes that viewers may want to compare the two series he says they are “very different, unique shows in their own respects”.

Tonally, the trailer for the series channels HBO’s True Detective, and that is, he says, a fair comparison.

“I’m always scared to compare anything to True Detective because True Detective is the greatest thing that ever happened, but there is definitely a tonal similarity,” he says.

“There’s a sort of occult, superstitious quality that permeates the show.”

He adds, “It’s just a very slow-burning tension that exists from the beginning that goes throughout.”

Scott stars opposite Rosie actress Sarah Greene, who also plays a detective investigating the murders of two young women.

The shoot took place during the winter in Belfast and the working conditions were tough, prompting Sarah to take two months off when filming wrapped.

“We were pretty exhausted by the end of it,” she says of the “gruelling conditions”, adding, “It was just freezing cold everywhere we went so we were constantly cold and tired.”

As well as the tough physical conditions, the material was, she says, “really, really dark” and it took some time for both Sarah and Killian to shake off their troubled characters.

“Whether you’re the kind of actor who says I’ve got to live in the skin, or I’ve got to dig holes in a field somewhere, or get emotional, or an actor who just wants to show up and deliver the lines, it’s got to get under your skin,” says Killian.

“Which is a good thing.  It has to, but definitely it also requires a certain hangover after.”

Dublin Murders will air on RTE in the autumn.

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