James Cromwell Joins Animal Rights Protesters at NYC Louis Vuitton Store

James Cromwell was back on the frontlines for animal rights this weekend — taking the fight to Louis Vuitton in the Big Apple … and showing them they had blood on their hands.

The actor/activist was one of the notable faces among a massive group of protests Saturday who descended upon the Louis V flagship store in SoHo … where barricades had been set up, and where folks were loudly chanting through megaphones — complete with signage.

Check out this video we obtained … you can see that James went past the barricade and was right up on the sidewalk, facing off with what one can presume would be management.

Somewhat dramatically … he pours some red liquid onto the sidewalk and points it out to Louis Vuitton — echoing what the protesters behind are shouting. Earlier, he made an impassioned speech in support of veganism — and laying out what they were there for.

Of course, this has to do with the use of real fur — something LVMH has been accused of using to this day. As for James … he’s been in this animal rights world for a long time.

And yes, he’s still going.

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