Jason Momoa Builds Motorcycle With His & Lisa Bonet’s Kids For Cute Video In Honor Of Father’s Day – Watch

Jason Momoa shared some beautiful family memories on Father’s Day by posting a YouTube video of him building a motorcycle for his kids with Lisa Bonet.

Jason Momoa, 39, posted a sweet video on YouTube of him building a motorcycle for his kids with wife Lisa Bonet, 51. Jason shared his first memory of seeing a bike – his mom’s friend had one when he was a kid: “I remember, it looked like a beast,” he said. The actor became inspired to make his own bike after attempting to help another man fix up his motorcycle – Jason took the motor for himself to try and fix up one day. He said that he had a dream to one day build his own bike, as well.

“I’m in love,” Jason said in the video. “I’m a husband and a father and it is the greatest honor of my life. It has taken three decades in the making [to build the bike] – the longest dream I have ever held onto. And now, the best part is I get to share that dream with my children and the people that I love. I’m 40 [Jason turns 40 on August 1], and I finally built a bike. There are people who come into our lives like guiding spirits, providing the missing lesson we need. Teachers become friends, and friends become family.” The video showed footage of his children riding in the sidecar while Jason steered the bike himself.

“Best of all, my babies got to see their father learning,” Jason continued, speaking about the experience of building the bike. “The joy on their faces reflected the memory. The memory of that little boy on the back of a bike, tearing through the backyard with a smile so big he’d shut his eyes. I felt it when it happened to me, and now, I can see it on the faces of my children. It’s that moment where the wild stomped in.”

Jason’s adorable video coincided with Father’s Day. We loved to see more footage of him and his family – but we hope next time, we see Jason wearing a helmet while on that bike!

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