Jenelle Evans Posts Ultrasound Pic, Links to Unrelated Us Weekly Article in Bio For Some Reason

Jenelle Evans and David Eason are still trying to win back custody of their children, and it appears they have children on the brain.

Why else would she post … this?!

With Evans’ custody battle dragging on in court, she’s been taking to Instagram to share her feelings and occasional animal videos.

Standard operating procedure.

The reality star raised eyebrows yesterday, though, with the above image of a sonogram photo, featuring an unborn child in utero.

The longtime Teen Mom 2 terror’s caption featured a pregnant woman emoji, a baby emoji, then the hashtag “#LinkInBio.”

Oh. Em. Gee. People.

Having lost custody of all three of her children, is she pregnant once again with baby #4?! The state can’t take this one away, right?!

Doesn’t look like it.

The link in her Instagram bio randomly went to a photog allery on celebrity gossip site Us Weekly titled “Cutest Celebrity Announcements.”

Jenelle is not included in said gallery. Guess the editors of Us Weekly magazine don’t think she’s that cute.

Talk about throwing shade!

She later deleted the post.

It’s impossible to go inside the mind of Jenelle Evans (what little remains of it after living 27 years as hard as a human being can).

Why she is posting about pregnancy and linking to articles that don’t include her? Why would she take it down within hours?

And get this: The comments section of the ultrasound pic was disabled. Almost like she wanted to leave no trace of it. Ever.

Mystery for the ages.

This isn’t the first time she’s done this, either. Earlier this month, she posted about baby bumps, linking to other celebrity baby bumps.

It makes. No. Sense.

Perhaps she’s pining for the days of baby bumps and announcements? Maybe she enjoys toying with fans’ hopes and dreams?

Could it be she’s trying to get Us Weekly’s attention so that this fine publication will actually include her in its awesome slideshows?

We may never know.

In any case, the mysterious pic comes as her custody fight and lies about David Eason continue to drag on after months of turmoil.

Evans’ life has always been turbulent, but nothing compared to the recent Child Protective Services investigation in North Carolina.

After Eason brutally shot and killed Evans’ dog Nugget, Jenelle was fired Teen Mom 2, ending her rollercoaster career with MTV.

Then she lost her kids (three, by three different guys, including Eason, who also lost his own daughter), leaving Evans broke and childless.

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Back in court this week, the gruesome twosome reportedly was ordered to go through drug testing, parenting classes, and counseling.

Remarkably, despite him being a violent lunatic (many people say Eason abuses Jenelle verbally and physically), they’re still together.

Sad. Anyway, in addition to pursuing custody, run-ins with the law and periodic fights, they enjoy hanging out with animals on The Land.

And posting on Instagram apparently.

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