Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon's Body Language Just Canceled Those Feud Rumors

Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon go wayyy back (Reese played her sis on Friends!) and now they’re continuing their enviable friendship and partnership with Apple’s new drama, The Morning Show. That said, last night there were some highly questionable rumors floating around that suggested Jen and Reese are feuding. Luckily though, the actors presented some Golden Globes categories last night and body language expert Blanca Cobb was here to interpret their (slightly awkward) gestures to help us determine if those rumors are pure B.S.

If you haven’t perused the pages of the International Business Times and In Touch Weekly lately, know that last week, they published a story about an alleged feud between Jen and Reese that has something to do with equal pay. An In Touch source claimed that Reese planned to “upstage” Jen at the Golden Globes ceremony, but didn’t offer any other helpful details.

With that in mind, it would be easy to think any semblance of awkwardness between Jen and Reese last night is directly related to this feud. But Blanca said that while Jen appeared uncomfortable, Reese was being a great friend and supported her through the whole thing.

Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon presenting at the #GoldenGlobes #goldenglobes2020

First off, Blanca noted that any nervousness on Jen’s end—which came to light when she looked down, tightened her lips, and touched her hair and stomach—could’ve just been related to how she and Reese had to walk through a whole audience in fancy gowns just to get on stage.

But even though Jen struggled a tad, Blanca said that Reese was there to grab Jen’s hand when she felt her reach out for support. Blanca explained to Cosmopolitan, “At the bottom of the steps, Reese turned around to check on Jen. She appeared to be fine so Reese started to make her way up the steps. Jen reached out for Reese’s hand, which she didn’t realize until she felt Jen’s hand on her back. And then extended her hand to Jen.” Blanca went on to say, “If anything, it appeared that Jen reached out to Reese for support, which she happily provided. That’s friendship right there.”

Plus, Reese also showed her support when Jen flubbed her prompt. Blanca recalled, “Jen had a verbal snafu when she said, ‘Good morning’ instead of ‘Good evening.’ The quick shake of her head signaled that it was a verbal slip up, which is no big deal. Reese quickly corrected the mistake and they moved on.”

Basically, through everything, Reese was a great friend and was there for Jen when her body language signaled that she could use a little help. So, as far as the “feud” goes, don’t put too much stock in those rumors because these two have each other’s backs.

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