Jeremy Renner Moaning in Pain on Snowplow Accident 911 Call Audio

Jeremy Renner was moaning in pain in the background of the 911 call from his snowplow accident … with his neighbor telling the operator he’d been “crushed” by a Snowcat.

In audio of the emergency call, obtained by TMZ, the actor’s in agony as one of his neighbors frantically explains Jeremy’s injuries … including damage to his ribs, chest, torso and head, resulting in “a lot of blood.”

The neighbor tells dispatchers Jeremy was on the ground in front of their house after being run over and having his ribs crushed by a Snowcat. The caller says Jeremy’s breaths are getting shorter and begs for help to come immediately.

The audio makes it clear Jeremy was in need of life-saving measures … he’s screaming in agony for over 15 minutes, with his neighbor explaining JR was conscious but in “a lot of pain.”

TMZ broke the story … the 911 emergency log notes Jeremy was having “extreme difficulty” breathing after being “completely crushed” by the Snowcat and was experiencing heavy bleeding from his head.

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As we reported, Nevada officials say Jeremy was helping a family member get their car out of heavy snow on New Year’s Day, with the actor stepping out of his snowplow to chat with the family member when the Snowcat started to roll. Officials say Jeremy tried to get back into the driver’s seat but was crushed by the 7-ton snowplow.

Jeremy Renner

Jeremy was ultimately airlifted to a local hospital from the scene of the accident, which was on a private road in an area blanketed by tons of snow.

Renner shared injury photos from his ICU bed, and he’s since been released from the hospital and is continuing his recovery at home.

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