Karine Staehle: I’m ABSOLUTELY Divorcing Paul! For Real This Time!

Earlier this week, we reported that Paul Staehle says that Karine is divorcing him and taking their baby with her.

These two have had a number of false alarms, and that Paul shared the news with a bizarre meme had 90 Day Fiance fans scratching their heads.

But now, Karine has confirmed that it’s true. She’s dumping Paul’s ass.

On Tuesday, Us Weekly reached out to Karine Staehle to get some sort of confirmation that she’s really leaving Paul.

“Yes,” she confirms to the outlet.

Karine adds: “I am looking for a lawyer now.”

If any divorce attorneys in Manaus are looking for a small dose of international exposure, now might be a great time to do some pro bono work.

That confirms Paul’s announcement.

He shared a cartoon image of the notoriously pitiful and unsympathetic Rick and Morty character, Jerry Smith, crying.

Along with that image, he shared a Portuguese caption, revealing that Karine had initiated the divorce process against him in Manaus, Brazil.

Now both parties have confirmed that it’s happening. But it doesn’t sound like Paul is giving up.

Paul took to his Instagram Stories yet again to tell fans that he can’t do Cameos for the moment.

(Cameos are popular among 90 Day Fiance stars and other reality figures; fans shell out money for personalized videos)

What’s more interesting is Paul’s vow for what he plans to do next.

“I will probably go up the Amazon to try to convince her to live with Pierre in [the] USA with or without me,” Paul announces. 

He explains his motive: “I just want the best possible life for my son.”

That actually makes a lot of sense, even if you don’t particularly care for Paul.

Pierre deserves his best shot at life, and if Karine can raise him in the US, he will have more opportunities.

At the moment, however, it looks like Karine is focused upon ending her marriage … among other concerns.

Paul also shared what appear to be private messages from Karine, in Portuguese.

“Look what the drama does,” the first line says, referring to their public disclosure of their divorce.

Karine laments that “Sharp won’t pay me anymore.”

Sharp, of course, is the production company behind 90 Day Fiance. It appears that the couple may have broken NDA by going public.

Whether Paul and Karine divorce or (once again) reconcile, we hope that the outcome is what is best for baby Pierre.

The moment that Paul and Karine decided to become parents, they accepted that their child must always, always come first.

For now, we still have no idea what the “final straw” was (this time) that caused the two to split and Karine to file for divorce.

Notably, Paul and Karine also appeared to be breaking up last September, and it was hardly the first time that they have been on the verge of a split.

Maybe Paul’s trip up the Amazon will result in yet another mending of fences. You know, until next time.

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