Katie Price issued dire health warning after latest round of extreme surgery

Katie Price has been warned that her love of extreme surgery could end up costing her her life.

The former glamour model recently returned from Turkey after undergoing eyelid surgery, liposuction and a bum lift, and experts say that if she continues to go under the knife, she's leaving herself at risk of serious illness, disability or even death.

Just before her jaunt, cosmetic surgeon Dr Tijion Esho, who stars on E4's Body Fixers, met with the 40-year-old and her toyboy Kris Boyson, 30, and urged Katie not to go under the knife again.

"It's disappointing news that Katie has had more surgery after her recent visit," he told Closer magazine.

She's previously had nine boob jobs, 11 corrective procedures, a nose job, three facelifts, 11 non-surgical bum lifts, Botox, fillers and veneers in an apparent bid to recapture the beauty she enjoyed in her glory days.

But Dr Esho warns her quest could have fatal consequences.

"With the list of treatments she is having, and her prior history of surgery, she is at great risk of further scarring infection, blood clots and specifically death from a fatal fat embolism," he said.

"In addition, there will be further risks from a prolonged general anesthetic, which includes MI [myocardian infraction, otherwise known as a heart attack], stroke and pulmonary embolism."

A fat embolism occurs when tissue trauma causes fat to enter the bloodstream, which then blocks the artery and cuts off blood supply to the heart.

Earlier today it was claimed her children Harvey, 16, Junior, 13, Princess, 11, Jett, five, and Bunny, four, are in 'shock' over her new visage and didn't recognise her when she returned home from Turkey.

"The kids barely recognised her and were a bit scared as she doesn't look like their mum. Bunny burst into tears as she was frightened," a source told Closer.

"It was a shock for the kids to see her look completely different, and also in a lot of pain – she couldn't even pick them up for a hug. Katie's been trying to calm them down but she's in pain.

"The older children have seen her go through many ops, but they still feel uncomfortable with how she looks and it's upsetting for everyone."

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