Kerry Katona thought Atomic Kitten bandmate had ordered dead baby from restaurant menu

Kerry Katona has been praised by fans for opening up over her struggle with literacy, which she says she failed to properly learn at school.

The former Atomic Kitten star, 42, admitted in an interview that when she first moved to Ireland with her then-husband, Westlife star Brian McFadden, she couldn't read or write.

Kerry told Ireland AM: “I remember when I moved over to Ireland with Brian when I was pregnant, I couldn’t read or write. I'm dyslexic. With Brian being on tour all, the time, I did a typing course and taught myself how to read and write properly.

The Whole Again singer continued: "I'll never forget being an Atomic Kitten, bearing in mind I had four sets of foster parents, three refuges and I went to eight different schools which I was very rarely in because my mum never let me go to school really. So I couldn't even spell the word 'orange' at some point."

But Kerry also revealed that her illiteracy also had some amusing unintended repercussions – including thinking that her band mate had ordered a 'dead baby' to eat from a restaurant menu.

She explained how she was eating at restaurant while in Atomic Kitten, when it became Liz McClarnon's turn to order.

"I remember I was so dim when it came to restaurants, my local restaurant was like a chippy. I was in this Mexican restaurant and I remember Liz ordered fajitas and I was just thinking 'oh my gosh, she's going to eat a dead baby'… Fajitas like foetus.

"That's how uneducated I was with food, whereas my children are very educated with food."

Fans on social media rushed to praise Kerry, who's since released six bools, including a tell-all memoir, for her efforts since then.

One wrote: "From a dyslexic that got a great education and still finds things hard. Massively well done."

Another said: "Love Kerry she’s always so honest maybe to honest sometimes but she’s had some real life struggles and now she is living her best best life. I'm so happy for her."

Mum-of-five Kerry has revealed that she's no longer bankrupt and has claimed she's a 'billionaire' after making a fortune on OnlyFans.

The 42-year-old, who faced some tough financial times, revealed to The Sun that her latest business endeavours, which include the X-rated site and fashion brands Marnie and M Fit, have seen her rake in millions, if not billions, of pounds.

Speaking of the 'millions' she's recently made, Kerry said: "Yeah, I’ve made more than that. I can’t put a figure on it. I’m a billionaire.

"I will give myself credit. I am a grafter, I came from a foster home, went to eight schools, got clothes off car boot sales, was a lap-dancer, got in a girl band, became face of Iceland, became a millionaire, went bankrupt, lost it all, became a millionaire again and went bankrupt again, then became a millionaire again. Who does it?"

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