Kerry Washington Sends Photos of Her Kids to Her Shrink – Find Out Why!

The ‘Scandal’ actress says in a new interview that she opts to show off her cute children to her psychiatrist instead of parading them on the social media.

AceShowbizKerry Washington has always tried to keep her personal life private. The “Scandal” actress never posted pictures of her children on social media, but it didn’t mean that she never had any desire to show off how cute her kids were. She admitted to having the urge every once in a while, but she always fought it off.

One of her secrets not to succumb to the temptation was sending the pictures to her psychiatrist. “I have moments where I take pictures or videos of one of my three amazing kids and I want to post it online, and I tend to just send it to my parents or to my shrink instead,” so she revealed to Willie Geist in a recent interview. “I’m like, ‘My kids are so cute and I don’t want to post about them, so look at how cute they are!’ “

“I have a private Instagram for my shrink and he loves it!” she said before jokingly adding, “It’s not great when I get parenting feedback, incidentally, based on something he heard me [say] in the background of the video.”

She made the decision to keep her family from public eyes just before her ABC show became popular. “I think luckily right before then, I had made some decisions about privacy and wanting to – partly because I liked being a character actor and I liked people being able to suspend disbelief and believe that I’m other people,” she explained.

“And so, I decided not to talk about my personal life that much in the press,” she continued, “and because I’d had some experiences where I had talked about my personal life and it didn’t feel good and so, that became more and more challenging with the success of Scandal, but I really tried to still navigate it within that framework.”

Kerry Washington tied the knot with NFL player Nnamdi Asomugha in 2013. The couple share a daughter and a son. He also has another daughter from a previous relationship, and the actress refers her as her own.

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