Kevin Clifton brands himself a ’public enemy’ after Stacey Dooley romance

Strictly Come Dancing star Kevin Clifton has branded himself ‘public enemy number one’ after his relationship with Stacey Dooley was confirmed.

Personal trainer, Sam told The Sun that he found texts on Stacey’s phone from Kevin confessing his love to her and later branded him a ‘slimy snake’ in an interview with the Daily Mail.

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Now, Kevin has spoken out on his relationship with the fiery-haired telly star.

Opening up during his appearance on the Strictly professional’s Burn The Floor tour, he said: ‘I seem to be public enemy number one at the moment.’

Speaking to The Sun, he jokily added: ‘I’ll get blamed for the Meghan Markle baby as well.’

Speaking to the publication, an insider revealed that Stacey was close by showing her support to Kev, watching the show in the audience alongside Kev’s sister, Joanne.

The eyewitness said: ‘Stacey looked ever the doting girlfriend as she clapped and cheered Kevin on during the show, and giggled over the balcony with Joanne.

‘At one point he even blew her a very public kiss from the stage and she spent a lot of time proudly filming him on her phone.

‘They clearly didn’t care just how besotted they looked with each other.’

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