Kim Kardashian Fully Wore Leather Chaps Last Night and I'm Speechless

If you thought we could get through the rest of 2019 without it doing the absolute most, you would be incorrect! There are still a few weeks left until we can turn our backs on this truly WTF and feral-hog-filled year, and celebs are still being completely extra. And by that I mean Kim Kardashian just stepped out in chaps—a pre-Thanksgiving visual that truly none of us were prepared for!

At first glance you might think that Kim is simply wearing a pair of jeans and some navy blue boots. But again, you would be incorrect! She’s actually wearing a terrifying(ly cool) combination of chaps and pants created by Burberry designer Riccardo Tisci. So, like, I guess we’re all gonna start wearing chaps now? How long do we think it’ll take Misguided to knock off a pair of these, because I can only go chap-less for so long!

Anyway, here’s Kim’s look from the front and can I just say I’m LIVING for her billowing off-the-shoulder denim blouse. I’m getting strong Meghan Markle wedding gown vibes from that boat neck, only ya know, with belt loops. Moving on!

Here’s a look at Kim’s chaps from the back, just in case you were worried:

And Kanye seemed to have enjoyed them, for what it’s worth.

This has been an update in Kim Kardashian and chaps, thanks for your time.

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