Kim Kardashian’s BFF Jonathan Cheban Dishes Dirt On THAT Tristan Thompson Dinner…

Jonathan Cheban has a serious man crush on Tristan Thompson!

Kim Kardashian West‘s longtime BFF got real about the NBA star — and Khloé Kardashian‘s infamous ex-boyfriend and baby daddy — in a new podcast released Thursday. Judging by the sound of it all, the self-proclaimed Food God isn’t afraid to worship at the altar of the Cleveland Cavaliers star!

On the new episode of Cheban’s Foodgod OMFG! Podcast, the 45-year-old reality TV star opened up about the infamous (and unexpected) dinner that went down just over a week ago involving Tristan and KKW. We knew at the time Cheban, along with PR pal Simon Huck, was in attendance, but hearing the reality TV costar tell it now is very interesting!

Ch-ch-check out how positive Kim’s pal is about having dinner with the now-disgraced cheater at the head of the Jordyn Woods scandal — and take special note of how he describes the 21-year-old (below):

“We were having dinner. I don’t know exactly what happened but Tristan did come in the middle of the dinner. And you know what, I’m probably gonna get a lot of crap for it, but I like the guy. I like his vibe. I could hang out with him and go to the mall with him. I don’t want to talk about the past actions or that girl. I don’t want anything to do with that. It’s none of my f**king business. All I know is, that yes, we were there. I know there was a picture of us eating on TMZ, so it’s no secret that he did come in the middle of it … Kim was there.”


So, Cheban doesn’t want to talk about “that girl”??? Dismissive, no?!

As we know from earlier reporting, the dinner itself was apparently pretty uneventful, but the overall timing couldn’t be more suspicious, what with Thompson reportedly trying to win Khloé back at various points.

Cheban has thoughts on that, too (below):

“I don’t know what went on in the middle . I’m cutting that part out of my head. I know what happened, but I’m just saying I don’t want to talk about it. If that didn’t happen, I think that him and Khloé are a dope couple. The baby is cute. What I am saying, as a person, not what he did, I like his vibe. I like hanging out with him. He’s just so funny, he knows everything … I know he, obviously, loves the daughter.”

Uhhh… OK, Jonathan!

What do y’all make of his blatant Tristan admiration, Perezcious readers?! Kind of strange… but ultimately inconsequential, right?? It’s not like Cheban is going to change Khloé’s mind here… right???

Still, it’s interesting to hear more about that infamous dinner with Kim. What a family…

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