Kourtney Kardashian Gains Praises for Proudly Showing Off Stretch Marks in Bikini Photo

The eldest Kardashian sister shares on Instagram a photo of her lounging on a yacht in a white polkadot bikini as she kicks up one leg and throws her hair over her shoulder.

AceShowbizKourtney Kardashian continues to get real about her body, leaving her photos unfiltered. Promoting a new post on her website Poosh, the eldest Kardashian sister posted on its Instagram account a photo of herself proudly showing off her stretch marks.

In the photo, Kourt was seen lounging on a yacht in a white polkadot bikini as she kicked up one leg and threw her chocolate brown hair over her shoulder. “Stretch marks: we’ve all got them,” so the mom of three wrote in the caption, before advertising her website’s new post that was about minimizing “the appearance of yours” in photos.

Considering how often Kourt and her famous sisters have been accused of Photoshopping themselves, people were surely loving this new photo. “That was a refreshingly positive and practical approach to stretch marks,” one wrote. “Keeping it real,” another commented, as someone else said, “About time y’all got real about something!!”

This isn’t the first time the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star has bared her stretch marks. Back in August, Kourt shared on Poosh’s Instagram account a photo of her rocking a black one-piece bathing suit, leaving her stretch marks unedited. When one fan noticed this and praised the lifestyle guru for keeping it real, she responded, “I love my little stripes.”

Kourtney has been getting real about her body ever since she launched her website Poosh earlier this year. Through the site, she has posted her musings on a wide range of topics that include skincare, family, wellness and maintaining a healthy working life. Talking about the reason why she decided to launch the website, she noted that it was because “I felt that there was something missing in the healthy lifestyle space.”

“Healthy living gets a bad rap; it’s as tough if you care about what you put in — or on — your body, then you’re not sexy or cool. But this just isn’t true, and Poosh is here to prove just that,” she added.

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