Kyle Richards Rips ‘Dumb’ Theory She’s Faking Separation From Mauricio Umansky For ‘Relevancy’!

Kyle Richards is clapping back at critics who say she’s faking her separation from Mauricio Umansky for views.

On Tuesday, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star appeared on Bravo’s new Hot Mic podcast, where host and network exec Alex Baskin asked her what she makes of the claim that she’s “fabricating” the issues in her marriage for “relevance.” Oof… Right off the bat, you could read on Kyle’s face that she had something to say, and she didn’t hold back. She responded:

“What human being would create a story like this for, no offense, Alex, I love you and everybody with the show, but who would do that for ratings? Put their family through this?”

The 54-year-old strongly put:

“That is one of the dumbest things I’ve maybe ever heard in these 13 years .”

Damn! She really didn’t want you to make ANY mistake about it! The mother of four continued to scoff over the idea:

“I’m going to pretend that I’m separated and torture my children so that people tune in? I mean, it’s just the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. And when people talk about, ‘Oh, they did these things to be relevant,’ I mean, like, I’m already on the show 13 years. I mean, like I said, it goes back to people, the misconception. I care about being relevant to my friends and family. Yes, I’m on television, and, you know, but I’m good. I’m not looking to be more relevant. I’m good.”

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She reiterated:

“And I would never put my family through this ever. For a — I almost said ‘For a dumb TV show,’ sorry — for a dumb f**king TV show.

The claws are out!

Furthermore, Paris Hilton’s aunt shot down rumors she’s only with Mauricio for the money, reminding fans:

“He had no money when I married him, you idiots. He didn’t have any money! ‘Oh, she just stays there and puts up with all this so that she can keep spending his money.’ First of all, it’s our money that he didn’t have before.”

She also denied rumors the pair are in an open marriage — even after the Buying Beverly Hills star was seen “all over” a mystery blonde in Texas over the weekend. So… yeah! Kyle really came out swinging with this one! She’s probably just tired of reading all the fan theories online! You can watch the full clip (below):

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