Lauren Goodger having post-mortem on baby daughter 'for own sanity' after death

Lauren Goodger has opened up about the ‘traumatic’ experience of her baby girl’s death, revealing she’s requested a post-mortem to understand how the newborn died. 

Earlier this month, the former Towie star announced her daughter Lorena had died despite there being no complications in pregnancy or birth. 

Lorena was Lauren’s second child with on/off boyfriend Charles Drury, with the pair also parents to one-year-old daughter Larose. The ex-reality star revealed she was pregnant eight months after welcoming her first-born child in July 2021. 

In her first interview since her baby girl’s death, Lauren, 35, said: ‘I went into hospital thinking I would come home with a baby girl but I came home with nothing.

‘Lorena was a healthy baby and it was a textbook pregnancy.’ 

She added to The Sun: ‘This is why I am having an autopsy. I need to understand, medically, how she died for my own sanity.’ 

Going on to describe the ‘most traumatic experience of [her] life’, Lauren revealed how Lorena was born with two knots in her cord but babies are usually still able to get enough oxygen. 

The TV star had planned on having a home birth led by her midwife Tamzin, and she started having contractions while breastfeeding daughter Larose. However, Tamzin couldn’t hear a heartbeat and so called an ambulance which rushed Lauren to hospital. 

‘Ten doctors started working on her. They were doing chest compressions and giving her adrenaline,’ Lauren recalled. 

‘Charlie was in pieces, he was screaming, “Please save my baby”. 

‘I was in shock. My midwife was with me and she said, “She will be fine”. I thought she would be alright.’ 

Lauren was then informed that Lorena had died. 

The TV star, who joined ITV reality show Towie as one of its original cast members in 2010, revealed: ‘Since Lorena passed away, I have had so many messages from other women who have gone through this too. 

‘I want to talk about her death to help other parents out there going through this. I want them to know they aren’t alone.’

Last Wednesday, Lauren and Charles celebrated their daughter Larose’s first birthday. The reality star admitted it was an ’emotional’ occasion in light of Lorena’s death.

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