Love Island fishmonger Luca tells girls hes a stockbroker to impress them

Love Island's Luca Bish has confessed to lying about his job as a fishmonger to impress the ladies.

The 23-year-old from Brighton said that while he has always been a faithful boyfriend, he has been known to tell a few white lies while chatting up women he fancies.

Speaking to OK! about whether he has ever lied to a woman, Luca admitted: “Only ones I meet at nightclubs. I often tell them I’m a stockbroker to impress them, rather than say I’m a fishmonger! But I’ve never cheated on anyone.”

Luca has had one serious relationship when he was 18 and hopes to find love again in the Mallorcan villa.

However, he said the duration of the show will be the longest he's abstained from sex – and therefore couldn’t rule it out in the villa.

“Whatever happens, happens,” he says. “I would probably say right now that I wouldn’t have sex in the villa, but if it’s getting towards the end and you haven’t had any attention for a while, then yeah, maybe. Ten weeks is probably the most I’ve ever gone without sex.”

Luca was inspired to take part after watching previous series and seeing how many genuine couples there were.

However, appearing in the villa won’t be his first “taste of fame” with Luca revealing he used to date 21-year-old YouTube and Strictly Come Dancing star Saffron Baker, who is also from Brighton.

“Dating Saffron Barker gave me my first taste of fame,” says Luca. “We went to the same school in Brighton and met up again through friends, but our schedules always clashed, so we were only together a few months.

“I remember going to Pizza Express and kids were running up to the window and taking pictures of us, while I was stuffing my face with dough balls.”

And Saffron isn’t the only famous person in Luca’s contacts – the fishmonger goes way back with ex-Eastenders star Patsy Palmer who, who is watching out for him.

“She’s a very close family friend,” says Luca. “She and my mum are close, and would spend most weekends together. So I’m really glad she’s got my back.”

Luca says he will bring the banter to the Love Island villa, and is a natural entertainer who “wants to get a laugh out of everyone.”

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