Luke Perry's Daughter Gets Mushroom Tattoo to Honor His Unusual Burial

“Every moment of every day. I will NEVER not miss him.”

Luke Perry had a very unusual burial — and his daughter just got a very unusual tattoo to honor him.

Sophie Perry revealed her new inking — a long stemmed mushroom running the length of her forearm — just weeks after her dad was buried in a mushroom suit.

The 18-year-old unveiled her touching tribute on Instagram while fielding questions from followers. When asked if she had any tattoos, she simply replied with the pic "I have 4" without explanation… but the reasoning behind it was plainly obvious.

Just last week, the teen confirmed her dad was interred in an Infinity Burial Suit; the biodegradable shroud has a built in bio­mix, made up of of mushrooms and other microorganisms that together do three things; aid in decomposition, work to neutralize toxins found in the body and transfer nutrients to plant life.

"Mushrooms hold an entirely new meaning for me. Any explanation i give will not do justice to the genius that is the mushroom burial suit, but it is essentially an eco friendly burial option via mushrooms," she explained last week.

"My dad discovered it, and was more excited by this than I have ever seen him. He was buried in this suit, one of his final wishes. They are truly a beautiful thing for this beautiful planet, and I want to share it with all of you."

When another fan asked Sophie on Wednesday if she missed her dad, she replied: "Every moment of every day. I will NEVER not miss him."

The "Riverdale" star passed away on March 4, having suffered a massive stroke five days earlier. He was just 52.

He is survived by Sophie and her 21-year-old brother Jack.

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