MAFS star Alyssa is unrecognisable in resurfaced Judge Judy appearance

Reality star Alyssa Barmonde, 35, appeared as a defendant on the iconic courtroom show, Judge Judy, 13 years ago sporting a very different hairstyle than the long platinum locks fans see on the current series of Married At First Sight Australia.

Alyssa reposted a clip from her televised trial on TikTok two years ago, leaving her followers and fans in complete shock at her chin-length blonde bob.

In the show, the MAFS star is hounded by Judith Sheindlin who dons the courtroom.

“I’m not talking to you, you’re annoying,” Judge Judy said to Alyssa when she was interrupted.

Another clip showed Judge Judy reading screenshots of texts sent by Alyssa.

“It’s written by a functional illiterate,” the judge said about the MAFS star.

@alyssabakescakes Reply to @mojojojo107 i nearly cried at this moment #judgejudy #judgejudyvibes #foryou ♬ original sound – Amir Yass

Having watched the clips, fans and followers joked about the “Karen” style Alyssa was donning on her appearance.

“That was some stage-three Karen hair and voice acting going on there. Kudos to you,” one user posted. Another said: “I totally get it, that haircut was cool in 2010.”

Alyssa is best known for her recent appearance on Married At First Sight in which she recently broke down in tears and later stormed out of the commitment ceremony.

The reality star became inconsolable when her husband Duncan James told her that her expectations of him were “concerning”.

The former executive assistant felt like Duncan wasn’t making her a “priority” while they were on the retreat as he didn’t remain in contact with her all the time.

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“We are in a good place considering the retreat was a little hard for us,” Alyssa explained.

“I didn’t feel like we were the couple we normally are because we didn’t spend much time together which doesn’t make me feel like I’m a priority… Every time I would try to bring up how I felt it was tit-for-tat.”

Duncan had the opportunity to explain himself while being questioned by relationship expert Alessandra Rampolla.

“I don’t think Alyssa got upset about [me not contacting her],” he said.

“It’s a deep-seated issue around being vulnerable and a single mother. [Her expectations] are definitely a concern.”

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