MAFS UKs Adam and Tayah postpone wedding due to pregnancy: Shed be in hospital in her dress!

Love is in the air for Tayah Victoria and Adam Aveling, who fell head over heels for each other on last year's version of Married At First Sight UK.

And while Adam, 26, and Tayah, 26, are over the moon to be announcing they are expecting their first child together, their news does mean that their real wedding plans had to be put on hold.

The couple were seen getting married in the hit Channel 4 show last year, but as the year anniversary of their vows looms fans could be surprised to hear that the marriage on the show wasn't legal.

Instead, the pair wanted to put together a legal wedding in which they'd tie the knot officially this year. However, a little bundle of joy has got in the way!

Explaining their decision to postpone, Adam said: "We’ve pushed it back to next year. We were going to get married on the date that both our parents got married so we were going to keep that tradition going, but now the baby is due around then so that can’t happen.

"Otherwise Tayah would probably be going into labour walking down the aisle and be in the hospital in a wedding dress!"

However, mum-to-be Tayah is excited that their little one will now be part of their wedding.

She explained: "Now the baby can be a part of the day, which is such a special thing. luckily, we didn’t have to cancel anything, we’ll just start from scratch with the plans."

And the baby won't be the only one to be involved, as the pair would like their pet pooch to be a part of their big day.

Adam explained: "I really want River to be a part of the day. She’s properly a part of us, we’ve had her for longer than we were on our own. We picked her up the week we finished filming."

Tayah agreed, adding: "She’d be a very good ring bearer!"

Despite the pushed back date, the couple can't wait to walk down the aisle for real.

Tayah explained she was most excited about: "just sharing it with all our loved ones, as we didn’t have that moment with the first one so I think it will be really special, and having my dad walking me down the aisle.

"That’s another reason he didn’t do the show because when it’s my actual wedding day, that’s when he wants to walk me down the aisle.

"He didn’t want to take that away from such a big day and when you do properly get married. His work is also quite a private matter so he can’t be seen on telly."

Adam interjected: "I totally understand it, because if it had gone wrong, it wouldn’t have felt the same doing it a second time. We would have to redo it no matter if it went to plan or not! Now he can have that special moment."

And when it comes to inviting co-stars, the jury is still out, with Tayah saying it depended on who they were still in touch with.

Adam added: "It’s 18 months away. It would obviously be nice to have some of them there. We’ll see closer to the time."

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