MAFS UKs Matt and Daniel say theyll be godfathers to Tayah and Adams baby

Married at First Sight UK couple Matt Jameson and Daniel McKee have revealed their hopes to be godfathers to Tayah Victoria and Adam Aveling's kids.

Tayah and Adam were seen declaring that they want children "within a year" on the show, and with their relationship still going strong, it seems a MAFS UK baby could be on the way soon.

Speaking to OK!, Matt and Daniel have shared their joy for their co-stars, with Matt saying the pair "bring out the best in each other", while Dan revealed they would love to be godparents to the couple's future kids.

Asked if he thinks Tayah and Adam are moving too fast, Dan told us: “I think people move at their speed and I like to think they want the same. I don’t think it’s too fast for them if it’s something they want.”

The 28 year old continued: “I think it’s fantastic and I support them fully. I think it’s nice for them to show they’re go getters.

"They wouldn’t just say that willy-nilly, they’re a strong couple and they really are united and in love and they both really want kids.”

Dan, who used work in sales, added “We could be Godfathers to their kids!", before his partner continued: “They’re on a different journey than we are.

"And I think they’re both want to be young parents and I think Adam has been waiting to meet someone like Tayah to be in a relationship.”

The 39 year old added that he thinks Tayah and Adam will be “great parents”.

He continued: “They both bring out the best in each other. The way they come across is exactly how they are. They will be great parents and they will have an amazing journey together.”

Lovebirds Taya and Adam recently told OK! about their plans to get married officially and their hopes for four children.

Adam said: “At the vow renewal in the show I asked Tayah to properly marry me, so we are going to get married – we’re not too sure how it’s going to go yet.”

Tayah added: "Because of Covid the venues are massively booked up, but we have got our hearts set on where we got married in the programme, so we would love it to be there officially. Honestly, it’s been so natural between us, he’s like my best mate.”

She continued: “We had spoken about him properly proposing to me. But I didn’t know it would happen at the vow renewal!”

Since the show the pair have settled down in Adam’s hometown of Doncaster, with Tayah moving from Hertfordshire and into Adam’s bachelor bad.

And when it comes to babies, the couple are thankfully on the same page, too.

Tayah told us: “For me, I’ve come from quite a small family – I literally only have three cousins and an older sister. I’ve always grown up wanting to have four children.”

Adam: “If we were financially sound then I’d say four definitely but, if not, maybe three!”

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