Margot Robbie in Oscar de la Renta at the UK ‘OUATIH’ premiere: cute or dated?

Here are some photos from the London premiere of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. What do you think of Margot Robbie’s Oscar de la Renta gown? What have you thought about her fashion choices this entire promotional tour, starting with the Cannes Film Festival? I’ve been underwhelmed, honestly. Margot is so pretty and she can wear anything, and I think that’s the trap: her stylists and people are always like “you can pull it off, you look fabulous, we’ll make it work,” and she gets talked into some dumb choices. I don’t hate this de la Renta dress, I just find is kind of boring and too autumnal for a July premiere. I mean, rust/burnt sienna? What is this, 1998 J. Crew? The worst part of her promo style has definitely been her makeup though. It’s WAY too severe.

Also at the premiere: Leo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt, of course. Brad Pitt looks… really good in these photos. He looks so good that I kind of feel like we’re going to get a “Brad Pitt girlfriend rollout” at some point very soon. Can’t wait. I hope he’s fake-dating another MIT professor, that was fun as hell.

And finally, Lena Dunham attended the premiere. She’s in the film, along with a slew of other second-generation Hollywood types. Lena decided to give into her worst urges and murder a Muppet and wear the Muppet’s skin as a trophy. The casual cruelty of Lena Dunham.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Backgrid.

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