Markle Markle was told to leave red carpet in suspicious Harry mystery

Harry and Meghan arrive in Morocco for 2019 tour

Meghan Markle was once told to depart the red carpet in a suspicious moment during an event with Prince Harry – and fans have been left questioning the moment ever since.

The red carpet event in question happened in 2019 in Morocco when the Duke and Duchess landed at Casablanca Airport.

The couple were welcomed by the British Ambassador and his wife and they then attended a red-carpet event together.

Prince Harry was led out of the car and was brought to the red carpet to inspect a guard of honor, but his wife Meghan was quickly stopped by a member of staff.

Although it was never confirmed what was said during the interruption, fans speculated that it was because they didn’t want “non-royals” on the red carpet.

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For the prestigious event, Meghan donned an elegant red a-line dress which was a bespoke design from a Valentino collection.

She accessorized her look with a matching red clutch bag, nude heels, and had her dark hair pulled back into a slick bun.

Body language expert Judi James analyzed the footage of the interaction and told the Daily Record that it seemed that when the couple arrived, Prince Harry immediately knew where to go.

Judi explained: “Harry seems perfectly aware that his immediate job will be to inspect the guard of honor as he is buttoning his jacket and is seen walking away without any need to glance back at Meghan, who has her own host throwing their arm out to take her to the side.”

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The body language expert went on to say that Prince Harry is the first to say something if he feels that his wife is being disrespected in any way.

Judi wasn’t convinced the interaction was due to Meghan’s status, saying that it “would make it odd if this was aimed at keeping a non-royal off the red carpet and she is on it later anyway”.

The body language expert theorized that Meghan could’ve been instructed to wait on the side while her husband took part in the military portion of the evening before joining him again later.

It was also suggested that Meghan could’ve been gestured off the red carpet because she was pregnant at the time, and the hosts wanted her to feel comfortable.

After some deliberation, the expert decided that the footage was inconclusive and that it was “better to not jump to any conclusions.”

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