Masika Kalysha Blasts Dumb Almighty Jay for Refusing to Wear Condoms Despite STDs Risk

When he is warned that he is ‘rolling the dice’ by refusing to wear protection, the 22-year-old former boyfriend of Blac Chyna says he walks ‘by faith’ and ‘not by diseases.’

AceShowbiz -Almighty Jay (formerly YBN Almighty Jay) chooses comfort over safety. The rapper has said that he doesn’t like wearing condoms and he isn’t going to change his stance despite the risk of catching sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

In an interview with VladTV, the 22-year-old was reminded that he was “rolling the dice” by refusing to wear protection. The former YBN-affiliated rapper, however, insisted, “I walk by faith, bruh, I ain’t gonna lie. I don’t walk by diseases.”

The interviewer, Vlad, joked that Jay, whose real name is Jay Gerard Bradley, should play Russian Roulette since that’s ultimately what he’s doing by refusing to wear a condom. He then shared, “I done used condoms before but I don’t plan on just going around and using condoms.”

The former boyfriend of Blac Chyna also said that he’s not concerned about having lots of children by different women, claiming, “I ain’t gone have no kids, bro.”

After learning of his comments, many slammed Jay for his stubbornness. One of the critics was “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” star Masika Kalysha who commented on Onsite’s Instagram post about the interview, “See this how most of these n***as really feel he’s just dumb enough to admit it. Y’all better stay tf away from these dirty d**k n***as.”

Another echoed the sentiment, “This take by Almighty Jay is wildly irresponsible, if not sociopathic. This is terrifying… ” Another simply dubbed Jay “dumba**,” and another claimed, “I know his pee BURNSS.”

“Honestly can’t believe we a few days from entering 2022 and this is the mindset mfs are carrying over to it,” someone blasted Jay, while another person added, “What type of gross mess is this.”

This isn’t the first time Jay admitted that he enjoys raw sex. Back in 2018, when he was still dating Chyna, he said, “I’m all the way in raw. I don’t wear rubbers my n***a. Who does that s**t? I wouldn’t f**k a b***h I wouldn’t want to get pregnant.”

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