Max Kellerman Gives Logan Paul Props for Mayweather Fight, But You're Gonna Get Smoked

Logan Paul has exactly ZERO chance of beating Floyd Mayweather when they clash on June 6, so says Max Kellerman … but he still thinks the event could be GREAT for boxing.

Kellerman is one of the top experts in the world when it comes to the sweet science — he’s like a walking encyclopedia. And, while some people are crapping on the fight as a mockery to the sport, Max says there’s a silver lining.

“It’s a good introduction for a lot of people to combat sports,” the ESPN star explains … saying it reminds him of when the UFC burst onto the scene.

“A lot of boxing industry [people] felt threatened by UFC back in the day. I always felt, not only did I like the UFC, but that boxing should also welcome it, not feel threatened by it because they were exposing a new generation of fans to combat sports.”

“So, you say, ‘Hey, you like combat sports? Come over here and check us out’ and Logan Paul is doing the same thing with Floyd Mayweather now.”

As for his fight prediction — “No, Logan Paul doesn’t have a chance to beat Floyd Mayweather in a boxing ring but he’s gonna try. Good for him.”

Check out the clip … shout out to David Jacoby (see if you can spot the cameo!).

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