Meghan Markle Privacy Lawsuit Damages Add Up To Less Than $2?! WTF???

Meghan Markle won her privacy dispute against publisher Associated Newspapers, but it looks like they won’t exactly be breaking the bank with the payout!

As you know, the court found that The Mail on Sunday infringed upon her copyright and privacy last year when they published a private letter she sent to her estranged father, Thomas Markle, in February 2019 — which they attempted to appeal the ruling and subsequently lost. So the court gave the publisher a list of requirements following the legal battle — including keeping her friends’ names private AND publishing a statement on the tabloid’s homepage and keeping it up for one week. FYI, that went out over Christmas weekend.

However, it turns out they won’t be making a significant payout when it comes to damages from a privacy breach. We are talking A LOT less than expected here! The Guardian reported on Wednesday that the Suits alum will only receive £1, which is equivalent to about $1.36. Wow! That’s it?!

Well, Meghan has always said this was about principle and not money. But this teensy payout seems as much a symbol in favor of the tabloid’s argument. Media attorney Mark Stephens explained to the publication of the minuscule amount:

“Normally for that kind of invasion of privacy you would expect £75,000 to £125,000. It does show that the curation of her reputation was an area where she had effectively invaded her own privacy.”

So it feels like on privacy she “won” but barely. However, Associated Newspapers will still have to pay a majority of Meghan’s legal expenses — we’re talking over a MILLION there.

Not only that, there’s also the copyright infringement. Remember, it wasn’t just privacy we were talking about. On the copyright end of things, we’re talking a bit more than a pound in damages. That amount is not being made public, but the Duchess’ spokesperson told The Guardian that payment would be substantial — and that it will be donated to charity.

So it sounds like we don’t need to worry about Meghan here! Gurl is getting paid after all. Or at least, her charity is.

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