Melissa Rivers: I still believe that the right haircut will change my life

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Melissa Rivers is promoting her book Lies My Mother Told Me: Tall Tales from a Short Woman, which is out this week. It’s full of stories about her mom, Joan Rivers, who passed at 81 in 2014 during a routine endoscopy. I still think about Joan sometimes, especially during awards season when the bitchier commentary is missing. Melissa and Joan were very close and Melissa is paying tribute to her mom by keeping her memory alive, although I’ll never forget that bitch. (I truly hope you say that about me when I’m dead.) Melissa has a “25 Things” list with Us Magazine and a lot of what she said resonated with me. Namely the fact that she loves naps and can sleep anywhere. Here’s some of her list and there’s more at the source.

1. I play tennis, paddle tennis and pickleball.

4. I can fall asleep anywhere — literally anywhere.

5. Hence, I’m a nap enthusiast.

14. I can’t eat anything that resembles what it looked like when it was alive.

17. I still believe that the right haircut will change my life.

18. I love cashmere sweaters.

19. A white T-shirt and jeans are my uniform.

21. I don’t like it when my foods touch each other on my plate.

[From US Magazine]

I have been playing pickleball, we talked about it on the podcast this week, and I’m surprised at how fun it is! I don’t think I would be able to switch back and forth between that and tennis, at least not yet as I’m still getting a handle on the scoring for pickleball. It’s complicated! I’m also a napper, I take one every day when possible and I believe in the power of a good haircut too! Conversely, a bad haircut can make your life miserable, especially before a big event.

Also, many people are similar to Melissa and don’t like different foods to touch each other on their plate. It sounds like she’s not too picky about it, but I wonder how those people can eat one skillet meals. Like do they just think of it as all one food and how does that work?

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