Meri Brown Announces She “Only Kinda Cares” Amidst Sister Wives Drama

Sister Wives fans have observed so many signs that Meri and Kody’s marriage may be over.

First, she keeps ditching her ring. Now, she says that she “only kinda cares” amidst family drama.

Meri Brown shared an image on her LulaRoe Facebook page.

In the photo, she is sporting a graphic tee that she wants fans to see — and to read.

Some graphic tees are a little innocuous. This one, however, seems to send a real message.

Meri is wearing a shirt that reads “Only kinda care.”

She wore the shirt for an announcement on Facebook Live with a partnering company.

The 49-year-old Sister Wives star is smiling at the camera for the selfie.

Before we start our analysis, we have to acknowledge that Meri’s shirt resmelbes an infamous jacket.

Both tops are in similar grenade greens. Both tops include messages about not caring.

Meri’s message, of course, is less malicious than Melania’s. She didn’t wear it to visit caged children. Context matters.

Meri has been juggling her LulaRoe business and her Utah bed and breakfast and has been scoring partnerships.

She works hard and brings in a steady revenue stream independent of their reality TV salaries.

That is why Meri has such a hefty net worth in comparison to some of her family.

But the shirt really stands out. We know that it’s easy to dismiss a graphic tee as meaningless, but hear us out.

First, she made absolutely sure when she snapped the selfie that we would all be able to read it.

Second, Meri has to know that fans have spent months — no, years — analyzing every detail of her photos and captions.

Meri’s every appearance without her wedding ring raises eyebrows — and hopes — of fans.

People have felt sorry for her for ages.

Even with her business successes, she so often ends up being the odd one out in her family and seems to have some truly awful luck sometimes.

For that reason, a lot of fans are rooting for her to break up with Kody and try to make it on her own.

There is little doubt that she could succeed. After all, she has a solid financial foundation on which to rest.

And don’t forget that she divorced Kody so that he could marry Robyn and adopt her kids. Legally, Meri is single.

We can of course acknowledge that plural marriage between consenting adults should be legal.

Kody should not have had to pass the marriage certificate from one wife to another like a TV remote.

It was a good thing that he did for Robyn and her kids. Still, Meri can take advantage of the legal injustice to leave without worry about splitting assets, right?

For this reason, fans are quick to latch onto any sign or hint that she may be stepping out.

As we mentioned, her ringless photos are a huge (and classic) sign in the eyes of many fans.

Her posts about female empowerment are interpreted by many as her psyching herself up to take this major step.

That said, while we’ll keep our fingers crossed, we won’t hold our breath.

Meri hasn’t left Kody yet. Bare fingers are not the same thing as a divorce, even a spiritual divorce.

Maybe her shirt was about Kody … or maybe she’s being playful with her fans who like to analyze the heck out of everything.

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