Mexico's Chaka Rodriguez Claims Wife Receiving Death Threats After USA Loss

Team Mexico soccer player Chaka Rodriguez is opening up about a disturbing experience … revealing his family has received death threats after losing to rival Team USA in CONCACAF World Cup qualifiers.

Many fans were upset after Rodriguez’s squad lost 2-0 in heartbreaking fashion in a qualifying match on Friday … but according to the right-back, several crossed the line when taking their frustrations out on Chaka and his family.

Rodriguez shared a direct message exchange with one person … saying, “Miguel, I’m the husband of the wife you wrote to,” Rodriguez wrote (in Spanish) on Instagram. “I understand that my work in the national team can be the cause of all of this in you. I don’t justify it, but I understand it.”

“I ask you please not to write anymore to my wife, to rape and kill are very cruel words,” he continued. “Miguel, we don’t deserve this, least of all to include family. I hope this is over now. May God bless you.”

Despite it all, … Rodriguez seems to be committed to fulfilling his obligation to his teammates … writing, “I honestly take into account the positives and negatives…”

“Football is and will always be a dream come true for me. To leave the national team is not an option for me.”

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