Michelle Obama Urges Trump to Put the Country Before His Personal Feelings, Like She Did in 2016

If Michelle Obama could welcome Donald Trump into the White House, surely the sitting president can swallow his pride and assist President-elect Joe Biden in the transition to power. On Nov. 16, the former first lady shared a mic-drop message on Instagram subtly addressing Trump (and in part, Melania) as she reflected on the “hurt” and disappointment she felt after the 2016 election. Did that stop Michelle from acting with “strength and maturity” when Inauguration Day came around? Of course not. The Trumps should be taking a page from her book.

Instead, we’ve seen Donald disrespect the election process and refuse to concede. He planted baseless lies of widespread voter fraud, in turn riling his base. For Michelle, these egotistical moves put our country’s “health and safety in danger.” She reminded Donald, and all Americans, “This is not a game.”

Four years ago, Michelle forced herself to put her personal feelings aside to honor the electoral process — despite Donald’s dangerous, racist lies about her family. Barack’s staff prepared Donald’s team to take office. Michelle willingly answered Melania’s questions about being First Lady and “what it’s like to raise kids in the White House.” Although she wasn’t ready to forgive, Michelle committed herself to the voters. She (not so subtly) suggested Donald do the same today.

Read Michelle’s full message from Instagram below:

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