Naked Attraction host cant believe eyes after seeing worlds biggest genitals

Audacious dating show Naked Attraction once again caught the attention of viewers and its own host, Anna Richardson.

American viewers have been taken aback by the show, which now airs on HBO, where one star was removed from set to ‘calm down’.

One episode of the Channel 4 show featured brave cancer survivor Adele, on her quest for true love after a history of choosing the wrong men.

During her selection process, both Adele and Richardson were visibly taken aback by one contestant’s striking physical attribute, a feature that overshadowed even his extensive tattoo collection.

“You’ve got the world’s biggest penis staring back at you and you’re looking at his tattoos!” exclaimed a surprised Richardson. “We all like a big one but blimey!”

Throughout the rounds, Adele’s interest in the man behind the red pod never waned.

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The contestant, later introduced as Jordan, a student, eventually made it to the final two vying for Adele’s heart.

She chose him for a post-show date, where the two shared laughter and conversation.

Despite the initial chemistry, the two found it challenging to maintain a connection after their televised encounter. This outcome is consistent with the show’s history

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A 2022 report from the Daily Star noted that while Naked Attraction has a low love success rate of 2%, many participants do enjoy their one-off dates.

The distance between participants often plays a role in the lack of continuing relationships, illustrating the complexities of love beyond initial attractions.

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